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Want to run 5th Edition D&D in an exciting homebrew setting? Want that setting to have variant rules for races, classes, and more? Want to have a starter pack of pdf documents to check out for pay what you want? 

Welcome to the Blessed Lands! The Blessed Lands is high fantasy setting set on a large continent where magic is everywhere and everything is trying to kill you. It's a place where every person has a tiny, unique magical 'talent' that they can grow and develop. It's a place of Elementals instead of gods, where a beautiful lich queen rules an underground nation grown from the living body of an eldritch abomination. Elves live in massive clonal colonies of the same tree, and dwarves believe they dug down into the hollow center of the planet generations ago. Orcs with more character traits than 'evil'! Dragons who live in the thermosphere! Fairies who make stupid deals!

In this starter pack, you'll get three documents, plus a map of the continent!

The Primer: Basic information on everything, from the races to the countries to the geography.

Mythos: An 'in the beginning' story about the creation of the world.

Specific Stuff: The nitty gritty of what's allowed and what's not in Blessed Lands canon.


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Blessed Lands Primer 5e 130 kB
Mythos 5e 65 kB
Specific Stuff (Generic) 59 kB
Blessed Lands Map.jpg 1.6 MB

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